By aodwyer

2007 Tasca Shelby GT/TR (CSM 07SGT0038)
2006 Tasca Shelby GT/TR F150 (Tribute)
2007 Fender Stratocaster Shelby GT Guitar #38

 photo 009102e2-a605-4b03-9736-85004735da7f_zpsf6bf68e7.jpg

One of the “Baddest Shelby Mustang’s on the planet.”

More about the Tasca Shelby vehicles, including the Tasca Shelby GT/TR Mustang that represents bringing two automotive legends back together after forty+ years – Carroll Shelby and Bob Tasca Sr.  For more info, see pages 68-70 of the Nov 2008 issue of Mustang Magazine.

For videos of these vehicles:
Tasca Shelby Vehicles Vid 1 
Tasca Shelby Vehicles Vid 2
Tasca Shelby Vehicles Vid 3
Tasca Shelby Vehicles Vid 4
Tasca Shelby Vehicles Vid 5

While this Shelby Mustang started off as a well-balanced 319 HP Shelby GT, it was transformed at the Shelby Mod Shop into a 500+ HP road-tearing Shelby GT/SC (supercharged) before I took delivery, then further modified by Tasca Racing into an ass-kicking approx 620 HP Tasca Shelby GT/TR (Tasca Racing) beast.

With the utmost respect to the stock Shelby GT vehicles and many of my Shelby GT friends, please don’t confuse this vehicle with stock 319 HP, Shelby GT’s in other ads. Those are amazing vehicles and deserve much more respect (and value) then they get (since many people still don’t understand much about the Shelby GT vehicles). This car started as a Shelby GT, which I am proud, but includes a great deal of Shelby modifications (it’s important to note that this was before I took delivery) and a similar amount of Tasca modifications (I have all receipts and documentation).

For a little history about the Shelby GT program, in 2007, Shelby began building the first Shelby GT models ever (my car is #38) by tuning and balancing the Mustang GT into a race/award-winning Shelby GT (SCCA and many other races). Meanwhile, Shelby American (then Shelby Automobiles) was building their Shelby Mod Shop where they modified a select few Shelby GT’s into Shelby GT/SC’s making them much more powerful and unique. In fact, I understand from the Shelby Registry team, that only about 50 of them left the Shelby factory as Shelby GT/SC’s and this car was the first Shelby ever to leave the factory with the Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger.  For a similar perspective, think of this car as the same as the GT500 Super Snake where Shelby modified GT500’s for more power and a better handling GT500 Super Snake. They did the same with my car, then Tasca took it to another level above that.

As mentioned, this Shelby Mustang represents two well-known automotive legends in the history of the automobile – Carroll Shelby and Bob Tasca Sr.

Without Carroll Shelby, the Mustang probably wouldn’t be the car it is today, and likely wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has. And without Bob Tasca Sr, the Shelby Cobra would have been powered by Chevy rather than Ford, and there wouldn’t be any Shelby Mustangs.

Bob Tasca Sr introduced Carroll Shelby to Edsel Ford and Lee Iacocca (at the Dearborn Inn) in the early 1960’s and that’s how it all began – when Carroll was looking to get a few small block V8 engines to put in his new little AC bodied Cobra. Afterwards, Tasca built many Cobra’s for Shelby in his Rhode Island dealership and later modified some Shelby Mustangs before customers took delivery. And to continue that racing pedigree, Bob Tasca the 3rd can be seen on NHRA winning many races each year.

Everyone knows that Shelby American has made and continues to make some of the meanest, baddest, most powerful and lusted after vehicles the world has ever seen.

History and Provenance of this Tasca Shelby Mustang:

  • Signatures (click on a link here for pics/videos):
    • Carroll Shelbysigned above driver’s door (video), clear coated, signed on his 85th Birthday Bash (CSBB) on red carpet, inside the Las Vegas factory where the car was originally built 1.5 years prior. Shelby factory mod shop manager “Bud” escorted me to the factory. I have a note from the Shelby President who said only my car was to be signed by Carroll that day (some of my proud friend’s Shelby’s were signed too that day).
    • Bob Tasca Srabove passenger’s door, clear coated, at his dealership in Rhode Island.
      • For those who don’t know the history of Bob Tasca Sr, he:
        • Invented the Cobra Jet Engine
        • Invented the phrase “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday”
        • Ran Ford for about 30 years as he was the #1 Ford dealership in the world from about the 50’s to 80’s, as noted in his book “You will be satisfied.” I have copies of the book, one signed.
        • Introduced Carroll Shelby to Edsel Ford and Lee Iacocca when Carroll needed those first small-block engines for his first Cobras
        • He built the first King of the Road in 1967 before Shelby made the KR
        • Made/built many of the original Cobras in the 60’s for Shelby
        • Bob Tasca III is on national TV in the NHRA
        • Tasca brought John Force over to Ford and has sponsored Force Racing since then. Force is listed on the car legend list with Tasca and Shelby.
    • Henry Ford IIIsigned the dashboard. While at a Shelby event at the Ford Headquarters, in Dearborn, MI. See pics on my website.
    • Steve Magnante (Hot Rod Magazine’s and Speed Channel) – signed the dashboard, who wrote an article about a 67 Tasca Shelby that helped make my car a Tasca Shelby. See pics on my website.
    • Amy Boylan Shelby American President – signed the dashboard
    • Others who signed the dashboard:
      • Shelby:
        • Gary Paterson, Shelby Exec and “VP of Fun”
        • Gary Davis, Shelby manufacturing Exec
        • Shelby employees including those that built the car
      • Tasca:
        • Bill Gilbert who invented the Cobra Jet engine
        • Dennis Gomes and Greg who did all the Tasca mods
        • All the Tasca’s including Bob Tasca III
        • Other Tasca employees who worked on the car.
      • Ford:
        • Ford SVT Exec John May, who inspected all GT500 cars for performance certs. He said my car was the only SGT that he tested (I have the signed cert).
  • One-Of-One Items:
    • I have an email from the Shelby president saying it was the only car to leave the Shelby factory / mod shop with the special CS/8 upper grille, lower black grille, brake ducts and PIAA lights.
    • Although 07SGT0001 was a special car, sold at auction for $660,000 to Ron Pratte, and he was the first to receive the matching Fender Shelby GT Stratocaster guitar. My car is the only known retail car that has the matching numbered Fender Shelby GT guitar #038. Plus, like the car, the guitar was signed by Carroll Shelby. Meanwhile, the Fender employees at the Shelby 85th Birthday Bash said they did not believe any other guitars matched the car numbers.
    • Only car to leave the Shelby factory with black rear window block-off plates installed. I have another black set of block-off plates that all the Shelby people signed (including president, the people who built the car, and other execs) as well as all the Tasca people (Bob Sr, Bob Jr, Bob 3, the guys who worked on my car, and Bill Gilbert who created the Cobra Jet Engine).
  • First-Of Items:
    • First Ford Racing (Whipple) super charger to leave the Shelby factory in any Shelby ever as a production car. Shelby created about 50 GT/SC cars that left the factory mod shop that way (before delivered to the customer/dealer. I’m told 35 were Paxtons, 15 were Whipple. This was the first Whipple ever.
    • First of 3, six-piston BAER Extreme front brake upgrade. Two were done in red and one was black. Mine was the red and first to be done on a Shelby GT/SC production model. In fact, while this car was being built, they took the brakes from one of the first Shelby GT500 Super Snakes being built. These brakes are sick!!! When racing, they get torch red but still maintain amazing braking power.
    • First Shelby to go through the Shelby then Tasca Mod Shops since the 1960’s
  • Evolution and transformation of the Tasca Shelby GT/TR
    • Videos of some of this info can be found here:
      • February 2007: I ordered the Shelby GT (well before anyone knew of the Shelby mod shop or the Shelby GT/SC program)
      • April 2007: Ford built the Mustang GT then shipped it to Shelby in Las Vegas
      • May 2007: In prep for my first visit to the Shelby factory, the car was striped and the grille pulled.
      • July 2007: During another visit to the Shelby factory, I got to see the car newly converted into a Shelby GT and drove the car around Las Vegas for a weekend (including on the Shelby proving grounds) – all while hanging out with then Shelby Director of Sales and his family and friends (including the Shelby president’s secretary).
      • August 2007: The car was transformed into a Shelby GT/SC at the Shelby Mod Shop then shipped to Tasca Ford in RI
      • November 2007: the car was transformed into a Tasca Shelby GT/SC when Tasca did their mods. This was after the deal was signed and prior to the opening of the Shelby Mod Shop at Tasca.
      • August 2010: the car was transformed into a Tasca Shelby GT/TR where the TR stands for Tasca Racing. This was my request while my car was on the dyno machine at Tasca. In the Shelby Registry, this car is listed as a Shelby GT/SC. I have a spare set of Shelby GT/SC stripes from Tasca if the buyer wishes to put this back. These stripes will go with the car. Meanwhile, it is the only Tasca Shelby GT/TR badged.
  • Shelby American Modifications before delivery to Tasca:
    • One of the first 10 Shelby GT’s to be in the Shelby Mod Shop
    • Whipple (Ford Racing) super charger
    • BAER Extreme brake upgrade
    • CS/8 upper grille and lower SGT grille with PIAA lights
    • Painted block-off plates
    • 20” Silver American Racing Shelby Razor wheels with Nitto tires
    • Rear brake upgrade
    • Brake ducts, front and rear
    • Gauge pack
    • Billet aluminum engine kit
    • Sequential taillights
    • Shelby armrest cover
    • Shelby signed front carpets and an extra set of Shelby upgrade carpets
  • Shelby “Mods” after delivery from Shelby American:
    • Billet hood pins
    • When the car arrived back at the Shelby factory for the 85th Birthday Bash:
    • Carroll Shelby signed the car and guitar on the red carpet in the factory
    • The Director of Shelby came out with the first Shelby Terlingua Race Decals and personally put them on my car for me.
  • Tasca Modifications
    • These mods were to be done prior to my taking delivery, except Tasca’s Shelby Mod Shop wasn’t yet official completed, so after the car was built at the Shelby factory and Shelby mod shop, they shipped it to the Tasca Dealership where it was stored with the prototype Shelby GT, prototype GT500 KR and prototype GT500 Super Snake cars (pics). Then the Tasca Shelby was showcased with the others at the annual Tasca car show where Carroll Shelby made a rare appearance. That is when they announced that Tasca was the East Coast Shelby Mod Shop and then they did the mods to my car during the building of the Tasca Mod Shop.  This car is stamped with a Tasca badge dated November 2007, under the hood and on the dash just like the Shelby badge.
    • Original Modifications done at Tasca:
      • Bassani axle back exhaust.  Sounds incredible, listen to audio here and here
      • Panhard rod
      • LoJack
      • Dyno Tune to 545 HP initially (now 620 HP)
      • Hood strut mounts
      • Tach light
      • Window tint
      • Tasca badges on dash and engine compartment – matches the
      • 1960’s vintage “TASCA” badge on deck lid
      • Shorty antenna
    • Mods done at Tasca since the original mods
      • 1st Aluminator engine. In 2009, Ford built a newly designed Aluminator engine with forged internals to match exactly the stock aluminum engine that came in the car. Anyone knows that the original engine didn’t have forged internals, but the Aluminator does (I think it can handle about 900+ HP). So Ford Racing shipped the first 2 engines to Tasca. One went in my friend Paul’s 2009 Bullitt Mustang and the other went in my Tasca Shelby. Paul’s Bullitt was installed first, while my Tasca Shelby left the Tasca Mod Shop first. Now the Tasca Shelby is tuned to 620 HP (522 RWHP).
      • BMR Lower Control Arms
      • Long tube headers
      • Lowered racing motor mounts
      • Shelby hood strut mounts
    • Remaining mods planned, but not done yet, include the 10-rib pulley system, larger injectors, and a Tasca throttle body, all designed to take the Tasca Shelby to an estimated 725-750 HP.
  • Magazines, articles, news, TV, websites, awards, more
    • Mustang Masterpieces, by Jerry Heasley, my car had a small article at the end in the section of the Shelby 85th Birthday Bash. Jerry was going to put a full article, however, he had already submitted the book to the publisher so there wasn’t enough to do a full article. I was excited and amazed to be included in that book. My car is in that book also from the Bash where it is at the front of the line from arriving first in the first half of the race. I have a signed copy of the book and a regular copy. Jerry and one of the Bull Run camera crew joined me in the second half of the race where I took on Patrick Dempsey who was driving the President’s Super Snake. I “won” the first half of the race (that is a fun story).
    • Mustang Monthly, November 2008  Article about this Tasca Shelby and how I wanted my car to represent and have the history of the two legends Shelby and Tasca associated with this car. Also mentioned, are how I encouraged Tasca and Shelby to work together again and then Tasca became the East Coast Mod Shop for Shelby.
    • I have the same article in a nicely framed arrangement, done through a partnership with Mustang Monthly
    • During the 85th Birthday Bash, Hot Rod TV showed this car several times
    • This car was on Jay Leno’s Garage for a year in 2008
    • This car was an option in Forza4.
    • Shelby American made internal books for employee Christmas gifts, about the building of the Shelby GT cars. This Shelby was shown in that book several times.
    • Boston Globe for 2009 Newport Concourse d’Elegance
    • 2009 Bristol Fourth of July Parade. This is the largest Independence Day parade in the USA, over 100,000 watch live and millions on TV. My son was briefly interviewed with his matching Tasca Shelby Jr Powerwheels car
    • While at a car show, the local TV station interviewed me about the car in 2009 at La Salette in Attleboro, MA
    • ADSI ( ) – This Tasca Shelby Mustang was the premiere car in their promo video as seen on their site. Almost all the exhaust sound is this car too.
    • Shelby “Best of Class” crystal trophy (pic of car display) from the Shelby 85th Birthday Bash
    • Tasca “Best of Class” trophy (as shown in the “About” tab on this website)
    • Many other trophy’s, some were taller than my son when he went up to receive them
    • Newport Concourse d’Elegance 2009, during this show, I also brought my son and his matching Tasca Shelby. Later, the Boston Globe posted their story and in between all the pics of the million dollar cars, on page 13, they posted a pic of my son touching up his car for the show. His car was also signed by all the Tasca’s, including Bob Sr and also by John Force.
    • Newport Concourse d’Elegance 2011, hung out with, and pics with Steve Saleen (with his S7) and Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars
    • We have about a dozen trophies, 3 of them stand at least 3 feet tall.
  • Racing (link)
    • Bull Run from LA to Las Vegas, won first half, whooped the Bull Run president David Greene who later asked me to be in every Bull Run event in the US
    • Las Vegas Motor Speedway, CSBB 85, road course and drag race, Team Shelby
    • New Jersey Motor Speedway, SAAC 33 first club to race at that track ever
    • Summit Point, Shelby American 50th Anniv Bash. During the 2-day racing, many people approached me, in front of my kids, calling me a bad-ass and saying how the car was the baddest and best sounding car ever. My kids were so proud.
    • NH Motor Speedway and Ft Devons, SCCA Auto Cross
    • Lime Rock, SCDA
    • New England Dragway
    • Quonset Point, RI, ADSI auto cross – Tasca Shelby was the premiere car in their promo video as seen on their site Almost all the exhaust sound is this car too.
  • Carroll Shelby 85th Birthday Bash (CSBB)
    • Carroll Shelby signed by car – email from president saying my car would be the only one signed, have in pictures and on video
    • Shelby Books and magazines from the event
    • Won a super rare Shelby “Best of Class” crystal trophy (see
    • Bull Run
    • Tasca Shelby won the first half
    • Bull Run president, David Green, was so impressed he asked me to be in subsequent shows since I whooped him in the first half of the race
      • They put the Bull Run camera guy and Jerry Heasley in my car for the second half of the race. Jerry was so impressed with my car and the provenance that he wrote a story about the car for the Mustang Magazine and his Mustang Masterpieces book
      • Raced against Patrick Dempsey in the Shelby president’s Super Snake and although he had more horsepower, he couldn’t shake me off him
    • Las Vegas International Raceway – road course and drag racing
    • Barrett Jackson party in Scottsdale, AZ, where Steve Magnante told me the story of the article he wrote that helped make my car the Tasca Shelby that it is.
  • Shelby 50th Anniversary events in 2012
    • Helped sell Shelby cars at the 2012 New York Auto Show at the Shelby booth
    • Raced at Summit Point raceway in Summit Point, WV. Fellow Shelby and Corvette racers said the car was a “Bad Ass” car since sounded killer and wasn’t passed the whole 2 days but the car passed many
    • Shelby car show Carlisle, PA. Was originally scheduled to be the largest Shelby gathering ever and listed in the Guinness World Book of Records, but Guinness didn’t set up the category in time for the show.
  • 2006 Tasca Shelby GT/TR F150 Tribute
    It’s signed by Bob Tasca Jr on the passenger’s side door and a decal of Carroll Shelby’s signature on the drivers side door.  The F150 is a 5.4L 2006 Lariat Super Crew with 160,000 miles and is fully loaded, including four wheel drive, climate control, faux wooden dash, hard tonneau bed cover with lock, moonroof, leather (new driver’s seat OEM cover), fully loaded stereo system with GPS, backup camera (not currently hooked up), blue tooth, and more. The F150 also has remote start and heated seats.
    The “Tribute Shelby” new items include American Racing 20” wheels, Nitto 20s tires, Tasca Shelby badges, CAI, awesome sounding exhaust upgrade, faux hood pins, stripes/decals, faux gas cap, Tasca vintage badge on tailgate, hood scoop, eGrilles riveted grille, red painted front calipers, SHELBY lettering front and back.
    During the transformation to a tribute Tasca Shelby F150, I also replaced the front rotors and brakes, tie-rod ends, front shafts, front actuators, front hubs and calipers, spare tire cable mechanism, and fuel pump.
  • Kid’s cars
    The kids cars are from PowerWheels, and I badged them with Tasca Shelby GT/TR. They actually have won several trophies at car shows. People get frustrated that they win, but it’s all about the memories with my car and the kid’s cars. Both have been signed by most of the Tasca’s. Jaime Tasca signed my daughter’s car while Bob Tasca III signed my son’s car.
  • Other
    To learn more about this car, go to and search for my handle “Shelby GT/SC” or “Tasca Shelby” for more history, provenance and stories about this car. While there, also search for some of the related items such as the license plates, the song I wrote about Mr. Shelby, and much more. On that site, I documented how I wrote the song “Good Lord, MR. Shelby” (with help afterwards from Barry), which was posted on the front page of for years. I have the copyrights to that song and share it with Barry since he helped clean it up and did a nice recording.
    Also, there is info on on how the car was created, the story with helping get Shelby and Tasca together again, how I found out about the very low double digit number (0038) CSM #, and more.
    Here are some websites of interest:

Just in case any of the links don’t work, search for “TascaShelby dot com,” “AODwyer PhotoBucket,” “AODwyer or Adam O’Dwyer” on YouTube, or send me an email and I can send the links.

Thanks for viewing.  Please feel free to leave a comment or share.


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