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My Tasca Shelby story


January 12, 2008 Update: 

Mr. Shelby has signed my car as was planned some months ago.  I am so excited I can hardly control myself.  For more details, see my story about the 85th Carroll Shelby Birthday Bash (CSBB)

February 2, 2008 Update:

Well, I am proud to say that I got my car signed by Mr. Tasca today.  Now my car is complete. As most know, I was to have had Bob Tasca Sr and Carroll Shelby sign my car at Tasca’s annual event this past August 25th where my car was showcased with the other Shelby’s that arrived from Shelby Autos for the event.  Because of the heat, Mr. Shelby had to rush to the airport so he wasn’t able to come back and Mr. Tasca ran to the airport to see him off.   With the Shelby Birthday Bash events recently, I finally got Mr. Shelby to sign the driver’s side roof.  Well, today Mr Tasca signed the passenger’s side roof.  Now all I need to do is have Tasca clear coat the signatures and I’m done. 

So I am now the proud owner of the one and only 2007 Tasca Shelby GT/TR (TR for Tasca Racing) and to top it off, it is signed by both legends and I even have trophy’s from both.

 I won this Shelby trophy at Carroll’s birthday bash.  I’m told they only made about 40 of these.  I won this Tasca trophy at the annual Tasca sponsored event at New England Dragway.  It reads “TASCA Performance Center Mustang Showdown presented by The NH Mustang Club & Karl’s East Coast Speed CLASS WINNER”
































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  1. May 3, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    After talking to you today on the phone I had to come home and check out the web site.. Great job Looks like it was a great time.. Your car looks great (imagine if it were white with blue strips….kidding looks great !!)

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