By aodwyer


How can I begin to tell the story of my CSBB adventure?  Simply put, it was one of the most amazing times – making new friends, seeing some awesome cars, and celebrating Mr. Shelby’s birthday.   

Summary Highlights:                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Thursday Jan 10 – Shipped car from Boston to Las Vegas then drove it to LA. Took pics of some of our Shelby’s at the 60’s Shelby building in Venice, CA
  • Friday Jan 11 – Happy Birthday Mr. Shelby – I was the first Shelby to make it to the first half of the Shelby Bull Run from LA to LV. We stopped at a ghost town half way between the two cities.
    Shelby Bull Run (I won the first half) photo 8790eb94-4d27-4f86-9aa1-a8d407a2bf9e_zps49ca6521.jpg
    (I scanned this pic and the one up top from Jerry Heasley’s book “Mustang Masterpieces” where he wrote about this experience in his book on page 247 and even referenced this webpage – Thank you Jerry)

    Jerry Heasley (Shelby writer and photographer) and Patrick Yonally (Bull Run videographer) ran the second leg with me and heard my Tasca Shelby story. Fun filled evening celebrating Carroll's birthday with all kinds of Shelby friends (old and new).

  • Saturday – 1/4 mile drag racing track runs, road racing (my favorite) and car show at the Las Vegas Speedway.  I won an incredible 1st place trophy for the Shelby GT group (see the Tasca Shelby link to the right of this page).

    Mr. Shelby signed my car and guitar on the red carpet (pics below but here is a video of it) in the very building where the car was transformed from a Mustang GT to a road-tearing, 500+ HP Shelby GT/SC. ( See more pics and videos in my Photobucket site).

  • Sunday – Breakfast and then most people went home. About eight Shelby’s (including Shelby employees) continued to Scottsdale for the Barrett Jackson (BJ) events.
  • Monday – Our cars were showcased at the BJ main entrance (inside the gates) for the opening night gala where Carroll got a big birthday cake as a BJ Shelby GT (black with red stripes).
  • Tuesday – I got to experience a full day of BJ auctioning and right at the stage.

The details:

My trip began when I arrived at Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 9th and took a ride over to Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), aka Scott Drake Inc, in Henderson, NV.   I had ordered a couple items last week so since they wouldn’t have made it to my home in time, I simply had a great excuse to go there and meet of some of those fine people.  Upon my arrival, I met up with Keith and Randi (pictured below with me).  I gave Keith and Randi some Shelby Enthusiast business cards I made for this event (more on that later). 

Although my parts were ready, they brought me back to their desk to get my friend Roger’s parts.  Since the order wasn’t complete, I ran over to the Hot Rod Grille for some lunch.  While there, I saw Frank.  I met Frank this summer in RI where we were both in a car show.  I happened to have won first place while he won second.  He has a place in LV as well as RI.  What a coincidence catching up with him.  While talking with Frank, Keith appeared with Roger’s parts so we all had lunch together.  Keith and I went back to SPP where he gave me a tour of the whole facility.  Their order processing, inventory and shipping system is state-of-the-art.  A huge, global retail company toured their facility and copied their system.

After that I ran up to Shelby Autos (SAI).  It was good to see and hang out with everyone again.  They allowed me to use a desk in Doug’s and Adrienne’s office for a little while to do a little work.  Then John W. and I went to go pick up his boys.  Later we all went over to see the progress on the new Shelby Café.  There were lots of workers cranking away to get it ready for the festivities.  I had seen the café when it was a shell from its former life.  They (Sherri, the contractors and anyone else at SAI) did an awesome job.

The next morning, John and Sherri W., picked me up at the car rental where I had just returned my rental.  While waiting for them, I stopped by the Hertz place and learned that they had 2 available so I posted that info on the forum.  When we arrived at SAI, my car was just pulled out of the truck.  I brought it over to take a few pics of it in front of the big Shelby truck. 

While there, Amy Boylan drove by in the Shelby golf cart and stopped to anxiously ask why I had all kinds of stickers all over my car.  I had a #38 magnetic meatball on the door along with 2 yellow rookie stripes on the front fender and I was just about to put on my Terlingua sticker that John gave me when she stopped me.  She was a little freaked (affectionately) that Roger and I had put all these stickers on our cars because she had big door CSBB Bull Run stickers for us all.  And, she asked what the 2 yellow stickers were for.  When I explained, she wasn’t very impressed.  Then I removed the meatball on the door and she was relieved to see that it was only a magnet.  Then a few minutes later as she was leaving, she gave me a compliment and now seemed to like the rookie stripes.  That was pretty cool.  I told her that I came up with the idea of putting the stickers on the car while Roger came up with the rookie stripes.

While adding more stickers to my car, I ended up meeting the guy who put the stripes on Mr. Shelby’s new birthday gift, a 2008 KR.  What a cool looking car.  I watched him put the striped on inside the building.  He let me use his spray bottle to put my stickers on.  He offered to install mine but then had to do the KR.  He was nice enough to take the bubbles out of my rookie stripes since it was my first time.

Shortly after that, the rest of the gang showed up.  We were all to ride to LA together.  It was about a 5 hour ride.  Rick Wertz rode with me and it was pretty cool.  His car was supposed to have been ready but Shelby hadn’t yet gotten the 2008 cert for the superchargers from the Nevada.

Upon arrival in LA, about 7 of our cars went over to the Venice building Mr. Shelby used in the 60’s. He started his Cobras in Dean Moon’s facility then moved to this building. He built the first 250 Shelby Mustangs at this facility so it was really cool taking pics of our cars there. I had previously mapped and posted on the forum that I wanted to get a bunch of our cars together at a bunch of these old buildings but because it was dark we chose this place. I had been communicating with Enis (Son of GT – user name) about the plans and it was great to see him join us.

The next morning we all met at a breakfast place before heading to the Peterson’s Museum.  While at breakfast they announced that the famous author Jerry Heasley was joining and writing about the adventure. I thought that was so cool and unexpected so I introduced myself to Jerry and briefed him a little bit about my Tasca Shelby.  He seemed to be interested in hearing more so he mentioned that he’d like to join me at some point to ride with me.  Boy was I excited to hear that.  I mentioned that to Rick and we talked about them switching seats.

The formal beginning of the CSBB adventure:

We were there for the Shelby Run (Bull Run). By coincidence, I happened to have just arrived when a fellow Shelby owner and super nice guy was placing the stickers the. Bull Run people gave us. The sticker number he was installing was #38. I anxiously asked if I could get that number and he was gracious enough to peel the corner off that he started and gave me the sticker. I was so thrilled.  In doing that transaction I had simply moved my car out of the way so he and I could walk up front where I got a number to give to him in trade. Since my car was now right up front. I saw another really nice guy installing stickers on Amy Boylan’s car which Patrick Dempsey ended up driving. I asked the guy if he could install my sticker. He agreed so to make things easier for him I just left my car in that spot. It turned out to be an awesome spot since I was able to bring Patrick over to my car for a pic as well as Samantha (who coordinated the program). Several others came to see my car such as Ray Boylan (yes, Amy’s husband). He introduced himself since he saw my name on my car. He recognized me since he was the one that put my name and the Shelby Song I wrote on the website.   It was awesome meeting and seeing so many people that I had been working or communicating with over the last year.

By sheer coincidence, when it came time for us to get started with the Bull Run, since I was right there I got to be the first one (after the safety car) to start. It was awesome. While we awaited the arrival of the helicopter I went to that safety car and introduced my self to Justin and his mom. They were a cool team. Later they told me some really cool stories about how they win races and get away from trouble. Anyway while speaking with them I mentioned that I needed gas. When the race started Justin left slowly and waited for me. Then I got my ticket from Samantha (see pic to left) and as soon as I started moving Justin bolted out of there. Naturally I followed. Needless to say that no matter what stunts he pulled I was with him. Then I saw a gas station so I stopped. Once filled, Rick and I tried to plug the midpoint stop into my GPS to no avail. It seems they picked a ghost town that wasn’t even on the map (sneaky devils). After driving around for a little while we stopped in another station for directions. The guy was great but it seemed like an eternity to get the directions.

Once we finally made out way onto the highway (and the correct one thankfully) we caught up with a group of Shelby’s.  We stayed with them for about 20 to 25 minutes.  Then all of a sudden a nice Mercedes AMG flew past us with the convertible top down and 4 people waiving at all of us.  I noticed it had a “BullRun” license plate.  Naturally I decided to follow them.  As it turned out, I followed them all the way to the first checkpoint.  After a while, I realized that we had passed everyone else so I knew I had to keep up with these guys or I’d never make it to the checkpoint.  Upon arrival, as soon as we stopped, David the driver got out of his car and approached me and was pretty excited that I not only kept up with him the last 75 miles but that I had gained on and passed him in some areas.  It was such a blast.  I won’t publicly say what my top speed was.

While at the checkpoint, we rested a while and enjoyed the scenery of this old ghost town in Calico.  It was pretty neat to see that old place.   Here is a pic of my Shelby Run team mate Rick Wertz and me below.

When it was time to set off for the second segment, David asked that I drive him down to where the helicopter was parked.  He had Patrick join us and film David interviewing me.  It was pretty cool but I wish I had been a little more ready for the event.  I merely thought I was just going to drive him down.  Had I known I’d be interviewed, I would have thought things out better.  Needless to say, I hope they are good at editing LOL.  Patrick continued filming David as he got into the helicopter and I took pictures of both of them.

After that we went back up the hill with the rest of the gang and picked up Jerry Heasley.  Boy what a privilege it was having him join me.  Patrick remained in the back seat.  As we all took off, much to my horror, I realized that my gas tank was less than 1/4th filled.  Now I was in panic mode as we came around the bend and all I saw was mountains and desert.  As we continued down that road, it looked like it was getting worse, especially as my car was telling me we only had 50 miles left, then 40…  All I could think was how this was a chance of a lifetime to have these two men in my car only to run out of gas.  Then finally, a small gas station appeared.  I was so lucky.  We had only 24 miles left until the tank was empty. 

During all of this, Patrick Dempsey happened to have passed us in Amy’s GT500 Super Snake.  He had a passenger in the car with him while I had 2 but I was still able to keep up with him for a moment.  That’s when I saw my hood shaking.  I immediately pulled over to check it but it was fine.  I thought that at the checkpoint when I pulled the car bra off because it got ruined from the high speed, maybe I didn’t shut it completely.

During the rest of the ride, I got to tell Jerry more details about my Tasca Shelby.  He loved the idea of what I had done with bringing two legends, their history and a story to my car.   I also got to learn a lot about him.  He has been writing these stories for the last 30 years and works his butt off.  He writes for most magazines such as Hot Rod Magazine, Mustang Monthly, and many others.  He even wrote most of the new and limited Edition Shelby Magazine.  He has written many books such as Corvette Masterpieces, The Story of Camaro, Mustang Chronicle, Corvette Field Guide and many more.   He is writing a new hard covered book called Shelby Masterpieces and I can’t wait to buy it when it comes out.  I did buy the Corvette Masterpieces book from him.  Jerry told me all about taking all the various pictures for the Shelby Magazine.  It was wild hearing all the things he had to do such as taking pictures off a ladder, driving along side some of the Shelby’s on the road, and other risky setups.

I also learned a little bit about Patrick and some of the video’s he’s produced.  It’s pretty cool doing a wide range of videos from music videos to local stories.  Once we arrived in Las Vegas, I dropped Jerry off at the airport car rental facility so he could get a car.  He signed my Shelby magazine before leaving.

Later that night, we all celebrated Mr. Shelby’s 85th birthday.  They had set up a huge tent out in the back of the SAI building with huge and long red carpets showing us the way.  Just about everyone who is anyone in Shelby’s life seemed to be there from Don Prudomme (The Snake) to Ron Pratte, to the Tasca’s and many more were there.  I got a chance to meet some of them.  I especially got to meet Ron.  I told him that I learned from some Shelby employees and Fender employees that he and I are the only two people known to have Shelby GT’s with matching number Fender Shelby Guitar’s.  Ron’s, of course, is 07SGT0001 and matching guitar #001 and mine is 07SGT0038 with matching guitar #038.  It was great hearing some of the stories that these people told while up on stage (see my photobucket site for some of those clips).  Most of them were really funny and I can’t wait to relive it when the video comes out.  I highly recommend it when available.

As expected, Mr. Shelby received his birthday gift of that true 1-of-1 2008 GT500KR.  It is an incredible car.  Gary Davis drove it right into the tent area right in front of Carroll.  He revved the engine a few times and it sounded (and looked) awesome.  After the event, I heard him tell Amy that Carroll told him to light it up but since the ground was carpeted, Gary knew it wasn’t a good idea.  He did light it up outside the tent a little but there wasn’t much room to move out there.  Carroll’s cake was pretty cool too.  It was made into a KR.  I didn’t get a chance to eat any of it though.  While there, I noticed that most of the liquor furniture and food table settings were made of ice.  The bar was a big ice display, there was a big ice snake on a food table – all really cool.

Upon exiting the party, Sharon and others gave us out party gift bags.  I never opened it until I got home but there were a lot of really cool 85th Birthday Bash commemorative items ranging from 1/18th scales Shelby’s to pamphlets, brochures and many other trinkets and such.  All of it is really cool.

Naturally I stuck around for a little while to help out where I could.  Dale and I ended up moving the two Terlingua cars around in the museum to make room for the Radio station to set up for the weekend events. 

I also ran into Scott Drake (  While talking for a little bit, we each realized that mine was the card that Scott was using to talk to his employees about their customer base.  As I was hearing him tell me this, I was amazed and proud all that the same time.  He proceeded to tell me that they pride themselves on serving the customer.  He explained to his team that their customers aren’t just people looking for a part and them moving on.  His customer’s are true enthusiasts that demand respect, value and the best service.  Although paraphrasing, the bottom line is that Scott and his team are really dedicated to making all of us partners in the customer/vendor relationship as opposed to others who just sell a product and look for the next customer.  He wants continued repeat customers who value their products and customer service.  Scott also mentioned how he is interested in working with me on real-world testing of his parts on my car occasionally.  Naturally I was extremely excited to hear that and absolutely agreed to the request.

Then next day, we all arrived back at SAI for the track events and other activities.  Those that registered for the events showed up at the Las Vegas Speedway to check in and take a racing class.  We met all of the trainers and were all excited to get racing.  Those of us that were running on the track also got additional training.  While getting my car ready (removing items, taping the headlights…), Bud Mahoney approached me to inform me that we had to head back over to SAI to get my car signed.  At that same time, the writer for Hot Rod magazine had approached me expressing interest in writing about my car.  My friend Roger had suggested we speak.  Since I had to take off, we didn’t have much time to speak.  I gave him my card and fortunately we were able to catch up afterwards.  That was really cool speaking with him too.

Bud and I arrived back at SAI and pulled my car in the back entrance on the red carpet that was still on the floor from the previous night.  My car had been in this very spot month’s prior, when it was turned into a Shelby, so it was pretty cool being there again.  I had been there before when I drove my Hertz Shelby rental in there back in May.  As soon as we parked, I took my small camcorder and put it on a computer about 30 feet away.  I pointed it at my car and hit the record button.  About 13 minutes later, Carroll showed up with his posse.   Luckily I had handed my camera to one of the Shelby employees (wish I got his name) and he was able to take some great shots of Carroll signing my car and guitar.  With additional luck, Jerry Heasley was also there taking his pictures.  It was incredible.  As I drove back to the track, I actually got a little emotional about the whole experience.  As I arrived back to the track, lots of people saw the signature and took pictures of it.  That was such an awesome feeling.  Some of my friends came over to see and were very happy for me (with all the work and months it took for this signature).  I wish Roger Sorel and John Walker were there but the timing was bad.  I was glad that Bud was able to share the experience with me – thank you Bud.

I ended up getting a chance to run on the road course and on the strip.  Both activities were a real lot of fun but I was more interested in just being there and experiencing the fun (and having the pictures to remember).  I did okay on the track.  When I showed up, Keith the guy who did all the modifications to my car was directing us onto the track.  He egged me on to do well telling me that the best a SGT/SC did so far was 13.1 seconds.  As it turned out, that was my first run.  Although I had hoped to get into the 12’s, I had no slicks, my tires were cold, the tire pressure was normal 35 psi and I left my traction control on.  So I was okay with my 13.1 second run.  I had trouble with my other runs but still had a lot of fun.

In between all of these activities, I also entered my car in the car show.  There were probably about 30-50 cars there.  When it came to handing out the trophies, I ended up winning 1st place for the SGT’s.  I was so excited.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to win.  There were some really nice cars out there.  The trophy is incredible.  It is a crystal block with a GT500KR lasered in the middle.  It says Shelby 85th Birthday Award and sits on a stand that lights up.  It looks amazing.  I later heard from Sharon that they only made 40 of them.  I am so proud and lucky.

Later that night we all met up at the Wynn hotel for a social evening.  It was great.  I was bummed that my buddy Roger wasn’t feeling well.  He called it an early evening and got some good rest.  I had a chance to hang out with Jerry a little more as well as Amy, Sharon, Jenni, Tracy and many others.  I didn’t post most of the pictures from that night as some were a little fun.

The next morning we all met up at the new Shelby Corner Café.  This place has been under development and construction for months – run by Sherri Walker.  She did an incredible job under the circumstances.  They made many changes and changed several contractors throughout the months.  I first learned of this back in the spring/summer when I had dinner with John, Sherri and the boys.  Sherri took me over to see the empty building and all the work it needed.  Now they were making finishing touches to the main seating areas by hanging car hoods from the ceiling, making Mustang grilles as lights, installing many TV’s which ran Shelby videos and lots of other cool things.  The kitchen and coffee stand areas weren’t yet finished but the rest looked awesome.  Shelby had a pancake guy cook pancakes for us all.  He had a pretty cool pancake cooker where he could make about 30 at a time.  Then he would have you stand about 8 feet away on a carpet with a bulls eye and he would flip the pancakes in the air and you had to catch them on your plate.  It was pretty funny watching some people miss.  I’ll post the clip on my Photobucket site. 

While there, a bunch of us had a chance to chat some more and take some pics before leaving.  I had a chance to take some more pics with Roger, Dave & Sherri, Sue, Enis, Clink, and several others.  I also hung a little more with Jerry.  We decided that he wanted to take pictures of my car that night at sunset to use the best lighting.  Shortly after that, most people left for the airport after breakfast but about 25 of us stuck around as we were continuing on to Barrett Jackson.  There were about 8 or 9 of us that left SAI around 12 pm.  As we headed down 15 south, I veered off back to the Wynn.  My plan was to head down to Scottsdale later that night after Jerry took pictures of my car for a few projects he had in mind.  I also had to get some work done for my regular job at EMC so I went to hang in a hotel.  While there, I stopped by a few hotels and took some pics of my car in front of them.  I wish I had hit the Bellagio but I had to head back to SAI to meet up with Jerry.  I was also exhausted so I was hoping to nap for a little since I had a 5-6 hour drive ahead of me.

Then I got back to SAI, I noticed Roger’s car was still there.  This was around 3:30 and no one else was around at all, except for the occasional car stopping to look at his car.  I approached his car and found it unlocked with the keys in under the carpet.  I wondered why it wasn’t picked up by the truck driver.  After a few calls, I learned he was on his way so I hung out there until he showed.  Minutes after he showed up, I got the call from Jerry to follow him on the highway up to his favorite picture taking spot (top secret LOL).  It was really cool watching him take the pictures and work with the sun while setting.  Some of the pictures came out looking like my car was midnight blue.  Then he took some and did a trick with a flashlight and those pictures were really wild.  He is truly a master at his profession.  I was so impressed, that I took pictures of him while he took pictures of my car.  I even had some fun taking a picture of his rental LOL.

After that, I so very much wanted to take him out for dinner but I was so exhausted I felt I’d be a bore.  Plus with that ride ahead of me, I was very concerned with falling asleep at the wheel.  So I headed down toward the Hoover Dam and stopped at the last place in Las Vegas that had food and a gas station.  This was almost an hour from where we took pictures.  While there, I pulled over and tried to catch a quick nap just to take the edge off.  Well, that helped a little but I still kept bopping my head for a while.  I did, however make a quick stop at the dam.  I’ve been there before but it was awesome being there with my car.  Then the rest of the trip was pretty cool.  I ended up running with a few cars that kept some decent speeds.  This helped me stay awake so I was very thankful.

The next day, Monday, January 14th, was the first time I actually got to sleep in a little bit.  I very much needed that rest.  However, I had to try to get online to email some work material.  After that, I headed over to Barrett Jackson.  Upon arrival, I kept asking where the Shelby’s were parked as I thought everyone was already there based on an earlier conversation with John Keller.  As I asked, the BJ people directed me to the very front entrance where I ended up parking my car with the Terlingua.  It was really cool having my car there.  Lots of people stopped and asked about it.  Then I caught up with some of the Shelby people and got to walk around a little bit.  That place is absolutely amazing and huge.  They have tent after tent that goes on forever.  I was really happy to see that once inside, Ford was the first manufacturer.  At times, a few of the Ford guys came out and we chatted about my car and the SGT program. 

Then all of a sudden, Steve Magnante of the Speed Channel walked up to my car.  I immediately introduced myself and we started talking about my car.  I told him a quick version about the wholt Tasca thing.  He was well aware of Tasca.  Then when I pulled out the magazine article with the Tasca Shelby in it, he told me that he was the one that wrote that article about the junk yard with Mustangs here in Massachusetts.  I immediately thanked him for helping my make my car what it is today.  I proceeded to tell him that if it weren’t for my catching that smashed and rotted Mustang on the cover, I would have never seen that Tasca Shelby article.  He seemed just as excited as I was about the story. 

A little while after that, I had to head back to the hotel to change up and put on a suit for that evening’s gala.  When I got back to BJ, all the other cars were already lined up.  They had me put my car in the last spot available which ended up being the best spot.  Although psyched, I was a little uncomfortable.  I felt that so many things went so well for me, I actually felt bad that I had the best spot – right underneath the “Main Entrance” sign to the main BJ building.  Naturally many of the thousands of people that went to the gala saw all of our cars.  Many stopped and asked for pictures.  I was proud and honored.  A couple of young guys at the end of the night were so impressed with our cars.  I let them sit in my car and I took pics of them.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I gave them my cards.  I hope they find the pictures on my photobucket site.  I know if that were me, I’d be really excited too.

The gala was pretty amazing.  At the Ford section, they brought in the new KR (not Carroll’s birthday gift but another one and only KR).  A bunch of the dealers were invited.  Jim Owens told us that we could come in and hang out too.  Carroll, Amy and the others showed up for pictures.  Then they had 2 Mustangs up on stage set up on dyno’s so that people could race them.  It was pretty cool.  Jenni beat Tracy while Chris P. beat

Then they threw Mr. Shelby a birthday party in the main event section of the gala.  That was really awesome too.  They showed some of the same video’s from the Shelby party night but added another.  Then they also made a Shelby cake for him but this one was a BJ Shelby (black and red).  The rest of the night was awesome talking with people, seeing the cars such as Carroll’s personal 1969 Shelby and the Monkey Mobile.  I also saw the Batmobile replica and many other really cool cars.

The final full day was also very busy and eventful.  I got to experience the live auctions, which were televised.  I made my way right up to the stage and snapped some more pictures of Jerry working.  He and I had met up in the media tent earlier.  I got to see some of the pictures on his computer.  They were amazing.  Then, I was hanging out right at the stage watching the Monster vehicles on the block from the TV show with Jesse James. 

In all, it was probably the most fun filled week-long experience of my life.  I was lucky enough to do and see some pretty amazing things.  I felt like Courtney Cox when Bruce Springsteen pulled her up on stage – on top of the world and I am just a regular guy.

Once again, I want to thank Mr. Carroll Shelby for making all of this possible.  I also want to thank Amy Boylan for also making all of this the most amazing experience – not just the birthday party, but the car and all the other special things that have happened over the last year.  I also want to thank John Walker for his work and help as well as Bud Mahoney for helping with everything from the mod shop to the signature.   Thank you Gary Patterson, Gary Davis, Doug, Keith, Victoria, Adrienne, Mary and all the other Shelby employees for everything you do.  Thank you Sharon and Robert for this whole TeamShelby club, putting this CSBB together and for all that you do.  Finally I want to thank my wife and kids for allowing me to be gone for a week while I enjoyed this experience.

WOW what an amazing adventure!


I can’t wait for next week’s CSBB.

More of my stickers came in today.  I finally got my Tasca Racing stickers.  They are incredible.  I love them and can’t wait to put them on tomorrow night.  I also got the Hurst and AutoMeter stickers.  Nitto called me back and are sending me some too.

I spoke with John Walker (Shelby Autos) and Sharon Elliott (Team Shelby) today.  John is really excited about what Roger and I are doing with our cars.  Roger emailed pics of his car to Bud and John at Shelby Autos.  I am waiting for them to see my car in person – especially since my car is in the trailer right now so the only pic I can show is this one:

John and I also spoke about how I will/should lay out my stickers so I will do that there at SAI with his help/guidance next Thursday.  We also chatted about some of the activities for next week and how I will help them set up for the events when I get there a day early.

Sharon and I discussed the various forms they need filled out by all attendees, the upcoming Shelby magazine and the Barrett Jackson gala.  This whole event is going to be incredible.  Thank you Sharon and Robert of Team Shelby for putting all of this together.

The pic to the left shows my Shelby inside my enclosed trailer with my new Dragon sun shades and silver/black racing meatball #38.  I have another closeup of that same pic where the hood scoop looks like a nose and the mirrors look like ears.  They are in the album labeled “fun” in my PhotoBucket site.  What you can’t see is the 18 inches of snow piled up all around the trailer just outside inches away.  See my next post below on the fun I had moving the trailer out of the snow.


2 Responses to “85th Carroll Shelby Birthday Bash (CSBB)”

  1. 1 Sue
    February 7, 2008 at 11:17 am


    What a great story !! It was truly an event of a lifetime, and I feel privelaged to have been a part of it, and be in your blog .

    Your passion is an inspiration to all of us, and I was very fortunate to meet all of you, and be a part of this great event !

    Sue Olsen

  2. 2 Mom
    February 12, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Hi Adam,
    I had heard the story from you personally but very happy to read it as you left out some things that were more interesting. The photo’s are wonderful and helps to interpret it better. Keep up the good work!


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