Racing and Car Shows

I finally decided to add this page to talk about racing.  I am a big believer in enjoying my car.  I also wish to have my car involved in as many interesting events as possible.  Here are a few of the places I have enjoyed my car.

July 2007:
During one of my trips to Shelby Autos in Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to be able to drive my car around for the weekend throughout LV.  It was already converted into a Shelby GT, but it was still waiting at the factory to be one of the first cars in the Mod Shop.  So while cruising around for the weekend, I was allowed to take my car to the Shelby proving grounds behind the Las Vegas Speedway.  Videos will be posted soon.

October 2007:
My next racing experience with my Shelby was at the New England Dragway.  It was the last drag day for 2007 here in New England.  I was determined to get up there to engoy the car.  Unfortunately, my car was at Tasca that day so I had to drive all the way from work in Hopkinton, MA down to Tasca in Cranston, RI and then up to NE Dragway in Epping, NH – all with the trailer.  Here are some pics from that (will post soon).

January 2008:
Next, I was also fortunate to attend the 85th Carroll Shelby Birthday Bash (CSBB).  I shipped my car back to the factory where it was built and modified.  I then drove it to LA at Petersons Museum.  Then we ran the Shelby Bull Run from LA to Vegas.  I was doing over 150 MPH on the highway racing David Green in his Mercedes AMG.  He had some wonderful comments to me when we arrived about how great I did and that I passed him a few times up the mountains.  Here are some videos (will post soon).  We also raced at the Las Vegas Speedway doing the road course and drag.  Videos will follow.

August 2008:
Next I raced at the Thunderbolt Raceway in Millville, NJ for SAAC 33.  I had an absolute blast.  I was out to enjoy the car and see what it could do.  Here are some videos and pictures.

Summer 2009:
Was able to get some SCCA Autocross racing in this summer.  Wasn’t able to attend every session at Devon Air Field and Louden, NH, but still went enough times to have some fun, test the car and my capabilities, and meet some great people.

Car Shows:
I love nothing more than to spend time with the kids at car shows.  They enjoy them yet we get to spend special time together.  The best fun is when we win and the kids go get the trophies.  Here are some of the many trophies:

Special thanks: here is a link to a plaque we received from the East Ferry Market and Deli in beautiful Jamestown, RI (right near Newport):


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