Adam’s Shelby Database

July 3, 2008

As many of my Shelby friends know, last year I started creating a spreadsheet listing many of my friend’s (on the forums) Shelby GT’s to help me keep track of who had which Ford options and who was getting which Shelby modification.  I found it increasingly difficult to remember who had what and I couldn’t keep up with which modification were done to each car.  Today, I have even worse trouble with so many out there – both Shelby GT’s and GT500’s.

Meanwhile, as people have post-delivery modifications done to their Shelby’s – either by installing the mods themselves or by some local shop (other non-Shelby-authorized facility) – my buddy Roger and I thought it was a good idea for someone to capture a list for future reference.  As I’ve mentioned before, someday many of us will be the concourse judges so we need to keep track of what is going on out there with the cars.

More recently, I came up with an idea of making some Shelby Trading Cards for the new 2006+ Shelby’s.  So I thought this would also be a good way to capture some information about the cars.  If an owner wanted to have a Trading Card made of their car, this would help facilitate that.

So for those interested in submitting post-delivery modification information about your car, please fill out the form below.  At a minimum, I am asking for your VIN, CSM and a list of post-delivery mods you have done or are doing to your Shelby.  For those of you interested in providing more information for the Trading Cards, then please feel free to enter more information. 

For those interested in entering all your information, that will be appreciated and helpful (but not required) for creating a list for all future concourse judges.  My intent is not to create my own Shelby Registry; that’s up to other more powerful forces in the universe then me and I’m keeping away from that topic.

Click Here to Enter Your Shelby Mods

While we’re at it, perhaps you know of a Shelby that has been lost, stolen, totaled or in a basic accident, please let us know:

Click Here to Notify of Lost, Stolen, Totaled or Damaged Shelby’s


1 Response to “Adam’s Shelby Database”

  1. 1 Glenn M. Winston
    August 13, 2008 at 3:03 am

    Posted my cars in the database. Thanks Adam

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