Carroll Shelby’s 85th Birthday

Well, now that the holidays are over and most of my end-of-year work is behind me at the office, I can now start focussing on plans for the CSBB.

I have been working with my friend Roger on getting a bunch of company stickers, logo’s, badges or any other items so display on our cars for the racing activities.  We also have a surprise that we aren’t telling anyone about (Roger’s idea).  You’ll just have to wait and see.  I’ll post pics during that event, which is one of the reasons I wanted to finally get this blog going

I was thoroughly excited when Amy Boylan, Shelby President, posted on the Team Shelby forum the other day that my car will definitely be signed by the Legend, Mr. Shelby.  Boy am I overwhelmingly happy about that.

In addition to getting the stickers/badges ready, I took my car out the other day to wash and prep it for the long haul back to Shelby in Las Vegas.  That’s where it became an adult.  It was originally born in MI at the Auto Alliance facility and then shipped to SAI.  Boy was it a pain trying to get my trailer (with the car in it) out of the snow.  I had to use my snow blower over the grass and I still dug up the grass and dirt.  For more, read this post on the SAI forum.

This coming Saturday it will be loaded on the truck for it’s journey back to SAI.  I can’t wait; just 1 week until I leave.


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